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8 Reasons We Love Wests Illawarra’s Membership Program

All the wonderful things we adore about this friendly local club

Wests Illawarra has always been a fab spot for us locals in the Illawarra. Whether we’re hanging out with friends, diving into some delicious eats, enjoying a cold beveragino, or catching a game on the big screen, it’s an awesome place to be.

And we’re not just fans of the club itself; we also totally love their membership program. There are so many perks and advantages to being a member that we couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 8 awesome things we think you’ll love about it.

Here’s the lowdown on all the fantastic perks of the Wests Illawarra Membership Program

1 :: The Levels Of Membership

At Wests Illawarra, you can choose your level of membership in a way that suits you best. Starting with Club Benefits all the way up to Elite Benefits, each level of the loyalty program comes with its own set of rewards and perks. 

No matter what level of membership you choose you’ll always receive discounts off members’ pricing, earn points when you spend and be eligible for special offers. 

Next time you visit Wests Illawarra chat with the friendly team about membership and they’ll be more than happy to help you discover which level of benefits is best for you.

2 :: The Points

With your Wests Illawarra membership, you can earn points through every eligible spend and activity at Wests Illawarra [as well as Port Kembla Golf Club]. Double bonus! Points can be earned through buying food and bevvies as well as show tickets at Wests Illawarra.

Once you’ve earned those lovely points, then you get to spend them yay! You can actually use your points on loads of different things like more food and bevvies [hello] as well as raffle tickets [double hello], bingo, function packages, show tickets and even at the bottle shop.

Ooh and if you’re a keen golfer, you can even use them for social golf rounds, single cart hire, locker hire, rang tokens and even golf merch at Port Kembla Golf Club, nice!

3 :: The Membership Perks 

It’s not just points that are a perk of being a Wests Illawarra member. With each membership, you’ll also receive goodies throughout the year like birthday raffle tickets, complimentary coffees, teas and even soft drinks from selected outlets, cash draw entries as well as other special offers that come up throughout the year. 

Special offers are often personalised and could be anything from a discounted meal or drink to tickets to attend a sporting match, very cool. 

4 :: The Discounts 

We’re suckers for a good discount here at The Fold so obvs we love the discounts that come with a Wests Illawarra membership. With every level of benefit, members can receive members’ pricing on food and beverages as well as discounted prices for tickets to the super awesome shows and events Wests Illawarra hosts throughout the year. 

Checking out the menu at Wests Illawarra’s wonderful bistro, Artisan, we can see that the savings are pretty epic and defo make the membership itself excellent value. 

And there are even fun members’ dining specials as well like ‘Pasta Night’ and discounted weekday lunch specials. 

5 :: The App

Another super cool thing about the membership is the ‘Members App’. The app is not only a great way to keep track of your points balance as well as up-to-date club info including promos, specials, events and more, but it also has exclusive food and drink specials and super fun interactive games to play for your chance to win a weekly prize! 

The app also acts as a digital membership card meaning you don’t have to worry about fishing through your wallet or purse for your card when checking in.

6 :: The Star Choice Card

All levels of membership are also eligible to apply for a Star Choice card. This is a prepaid EFTPOS card that has been created to give Wests Illawarra Members the chance to spend their points outside of the club at other shops and vendors. 

It’s a pretty cool idea and worth having a chat with the Wests Illawarra staff about, when you visit next to find out more. 

7 :: The Members Exclusive Cash Draw 

There are extra special cash draws just for members throughout the year and the prizes are set to keep you pretty well fed and watered. [Especially when you use your members card to then get discounts on food and drinks in the club hehe].

Members earn entries daily by swiping their member’s card at the rewards kiosk and no matter what level of benefit you have you’ll also score bonus entries just for being a member. 

8 :: The Value

Membership at Wests Illawarra starts from $5, yep for about as much as you’d pay for a fancy coffee on Crown St, you can score a whole 12 months of membership. 

And you can even select longer terms for membership from 3 years to 5 all the way up to infinity, which sounds so Buzz Lightyear and also so cool! 

With all the discounts, benefits, and specials available to members, signing up during your next visit is practically a no-brainer.

The Wests Illawarra membership program is brimming with so many epic rewards, benefits and discounts and we can say we’re totally impressed.

If you’re ready to join the crew or are due to renew your membership then you can pop down to the club and speak to the friendly staff and they’ll help get you going. 

New and existing members can also renew or join online as well as through the app for existing members. 

Once you’ve got that membership up and going all that’s left is to let the good times roll at Wests Illawarra. 

Catch ya there! 


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