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We got to know this incredible local musician a little better.

Ever since we first tuned into the music of local Illawarra artist Stevan, we’ve been vibing to his beats on the reg.

So, when we had the chance to sit down and chat with this talented musician about his career and life in our beautiful part of the world, we jumped at it!

Check out our chat with Stevan here:

1 :: Hey Stevan! Tell us how you got involved in music.

My dad was always a huge music lover. I grew up listening to him play artists like Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Prince, Bob Marley and Bill Withers. So good music was always around me. When I was 11 or 12 my cousin asked me to make him a beat. It sucked but I was hooked from that point on ha-ha.


2 :: What would you say your biggest inspirations are?

I think my biggest inspiration comes from my own life experiences and things I’ve seen or done. And my biggest influences are all kinds of artists, not just musicians but directors and painters as well. I take a lot from different creative places.


3 :: So cool! You’re an artist of many talents, do you have a fave instrument?

Instruments are underrated especially in a lot of modern music production. I love the guitar, my chords usually come from that. Drums are amazing too and I often play beats and sample myself. Bass has become a new favourite as well. I think of the bass as being the glue in the production. I’m still working on improving on the keys but it’s fun to mess around.

4 :: Do you have any advice for other young musicians?

Make sure you love the process. Everything else can become shallow, especially the pursuit of success. Loving the process keeps you sane and motivated. So, make sure you’re passionate about it.


5 :: Excellent advice! You’ve had heaps of career highlights already, right?

Yep! It was such a highlight to do Triple J’s’ Like a Version. I also loved playing at ‘Splendour In The Grass’ to a full audience, that was amazing. Signing to Warner Music was also incredible and I did some modelling work for Uniqlo which was pretty cool too. Honestly, I can’t pick just one, they’ve all been life-changing.


6 :: What about career challenges?

Staying relevant and motivated has been difficult. I feel like there are so many voices now in Australian music that resemble mine and when I started it was just me doing this style of music. So, like I said you have to love the process to stay passionate.

7 :: And what’s on the cards next?

I plan to release a 4 track EP, every song on it being a single. I want to shoot some amazing videos for it and play some shows for it. Finally, I hope to sell out Oxford Arts Factory and get a million monthly listeners on Spotify. I’d also love to play some shows overseas. You know, just some light work ha-ha.


8 :: We can see all of that for you! What do you love about the Illawarra?

Wollongong made me who I am. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do Indie music if I hadn’t grown up here. The vibe is very warm and homely and I think those are some of my better qualities too. I can attribute a lot of who I am to our little city.


9 :: Yes! When you’re not busy pumping out the tunes, what do you love to do around town?

I love Retro Groove in Wollongong. It’s the spot for second-hand shopping. Rob, the owner of the place is great. My mate and I were actually his first customers when it opened!


10 :: So cool, and where can we catch all the info about your new releases and upcoming shows?

Check out my Instagram, that’s where I post most of my news. My music is everywhere YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, if you can search it you can find me.

Thanks so much for chatting with us today Stevan!

Keep an eye on Stevan’s social media for all the latest music updates and don’t forget to check out his awesome music all over the web.

“Hey Alexa, play Stevan on Spotify”! 

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