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We get chatting with this super talented local singer, songwriter.

Local musician Kane Cali’s tunes are all about telling stories and capturing the true essence of Aussie Indie-Folk vibes. He’s not just a musician, but also the mastermind behind his own label, Calcite Records.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for Kane. He just dropped his debut EP, ‘Edible FairyTales’, and it’s getting some serious love. Plus, he’s a TikTok sensation with one video racking up over 7 million views, woah!

Oh, and we’ve got the inside scoop that Kane is set to release his second EP soon, with the first single, dedicated to his partner and mother of his son coming out on Mother’s Day… so flippin’ sweet!!!

We recently got the chance to have a chat with Kane all about his journey into music and what keeps him inspired and motivated.

Check it out below.

1 :: Hey Kane! Tell us how you originally got into music.

I’ve always been drawn to music even before I decided I wanted to play. I got my first guitar when I was 12 but once I realised how hard it was I gave it up for 8 months. Then after an injury while surfing I required 2 weeks off school and during that time I played it every day and have been playing ever since.

After 6 years of playing in a punk band, I moved to Byron Bay and fell in love with acoustic music. I strongly resonated with storytelling and the authentic sounds of folk-style artists. Watching the street performers was my favourite thing to do and this inspired me to write stories of my own. Didn’t take long to realise it’s all I want to do for the rest of my life.


2 :: Very cool. Do you have any other inspirations?

I’m inspired by everyday experiences in nature and stories from my youth.

Becoming a parent has definitely driven me to write songs with a bigger and deeper meaning. One day my son will listen to my songs and hear that I’ve been giving him life advice through my music.

I often bring the topic of mental health issues into my songwriting as music has always helped guide me through my own battles. In saying this I do like to write love songs inspired by experiences shared with my partner.

As for artists, I’m inspired by many of the greats such as Ziggy Alberts, Jack Johnson, Kim Churchill, Mumford And Sons, Bob Dylan and also from the rock/hip hop world with bands like Dirty Heads, Twenty One Pilots, Ocean Alley and countless more.

I would love to work on a song with Ziggy Alberts one day. I love his organic and earthly vibes. Garrett Kato is also someone I’m keen to collaborate with.


3 :: Can you talk us through your process?

Nature always brings me clarity when I’m writing a song, and I found I write best at
night when I can hear the crickets.

I like to keep my work very organic. When I record my music I like to have an essence of my personality involved, like the clicks and clacks of the guitar or the occasional missed note. It makes for a more human experience rather than a perfect over-produced masterpiece. I like to record what I feel in the moment similar to how I feel when I write the songs.

Many of my acoustic songs will only use what I use on stage, a guitar, a stomp box, a foot tambourine and my voice. When I’m not with a band I like to be able to sound organic live too.


4 :: Do you have any advice for other local musicians?

Keep writing songs from the heart. Every time you pick up the guitar try to make up a melody. It won’t always sound great but if you write a song every chance you get, then when the time comes to actually write one that you like, the process will flow a lot easier.

I’m a big supporter of local music. I suggest going to local gigs when you can, watching and learning how others are performing at shows. Network and meet people, don’t be afraid to ask questions, message artists and ask for support.

Also, don’t compare yourself to other artists and where they are in their careers. Remember that nobody wants to hear what is already available. Always back yourself – think it, speak it, do it.


5 :: What wonderful advice! What are some highlights you’ve had so far?

My favourite moments so far have been sharing the stage with Matt Corby at a festival last year and performing with Ash Grunwald at his Bulli show in March. My best friend Willow joined me on stage who often jumps on guitar with me as a duo act. The show and crowd were amazing.

6 :: Sounds incredible. How about challenges?

In the beginning, it was a challenge to find the right people to work with that believe in what I have to offer. Also getting radio play, but that is slowly changing as my profile has grown.

I find some people treat music as a hobby rather than a ‘real job’. They don’t see the cost and all the hard work that goes into it. It’s not easy and it’s a constant grind but I can’t see myself doing anything else.

7 :: Mental Health support is important to you, is that right?

I’m a big advocate for mental health and I’ve always wanted my music to hold a safe community where people can feel love, understanding and support. I struggle with social anxiety and I’d love my community to know they aren’t alone.

Helping others helps me in return, so that will always be a strong point of my artistic message.

8 :: We love that. So, what’s on the cards next?

I’m currently recording my second EP which will be a collection of acoustic songs that I have written. I will then be recording my first album under my own independent label Calcite Records which I will launch later this year or next.

I was lucky enough to have a TikTok video go viral which has helped me grow a little fan base for my music. Many fans are calling for live shows so I plan on a tour at some point to visit some of these towns in Australia and New Zealand.

I am focused on growing my music and growing my community and supporting as many acts as I can, booking festival slots to share with a wider audience and my headline shows.

9 :: Do you have a festival you would love to play at?

Byron Bay Blues Fest is my dream but saying that I love what our region has to offer too. The guys at Yours and Owls, Changing Tides, Crooked River Winter Wine Festival, Clearly are doing amazing things for live music in our region and it’s only going to get better. I would love to work with them all.

Also, I would love to play at the Convoy and help raise some funds for such an important cause. It’s wonderful that i98fm and our community gets behind it in the way they do so, if I can help in any way I am keen.

10 :: What do you love about working and living in the Illawarra?

The Illawarra region will always be home to me. I have strong connections here and we have the best community. Our region has so much to offer so there is always something to do. Living so close to both the ocean and the mountain is a dream.

I’m not a big city person, Wollongong is far enough from the rat race as I prefer the slower-paced lifestyle of a coastal town. I like the coffee shop community here as you always feel like you have friends when you visit a cafe. Whenever I’m not working I like to travel down the coast and enjoy the holiday park lifestyle.

The live music scene in the Illawarra has so much to offer. It is much bigger than many people realise. We have amazing talented artists and locals love live music. The thriving music scene here is also a draw card for other great artists to come and play in our area and a great place for visitors. We’ve seen many great shows here already this year and that will continue.

Thanks so much for chatting with us today Kane. We cannot wait to catch you at your next show.

To keep up to date with all of Kane’s music and his upcoming performances follow him on Instagram which he regularly keeps updated with his gig schedule.

You can also bop along to his beats on Spotify and all other music streaming platforms.

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