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5 Tips For Getting Your Outdoor Area Summer Ready

Time To Go Al Fresco

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One of our favourite times of year is incoming…..summer, baby!

And one of our favourite things to do in the warmer months is head outside for some al fresco eating, drinking and socialising.

If you need to give your outdoor dining area a bit of a jhoosh up after a very loooooong and wet autumn, winter and spring, here’s five ways you can breathe new life into the space and get your al fresco on.


We are loving the trend of creating zones in your outdoor space, whether it’s on a back deck, patio or anchored further into the back garden, creating separate spaces for different activities can help you set the scene of how you want your catch-up to go.

Comfy outdoor lounges for pre lunch drinks and chillin’, high top table and bar stools near the BBQ for the gang to sit around while the pit master is doin’ his or her thing, a big table for eating with plenty of space for big salad bowls, sharing plates and drinks [of course!] and a post-dinner chillout zone with a fire pit is one of our fave places to escape to after a meal.


Shade is oh-so-important as is keeping you and your guests out of the rain with all the La Ninas and unpredictable weather patterns we’re dealing with at the moment.

So make sure if not all, then at least part of your outdoor area provides ample protection from both rain and sun. There’s some fantastic options out there including retractable patios and pergola roofing, awnings that you can pop away when you want to dine under the stars, fancy louvre roofs where you can control the level of shade or sun that comes through, insulated roofs and more.


This is such a great trend and we are sooooo here for it. Multi-purpose outdoor kitchens with a barbecue, cooking spaces, fridges, storage cupboards and surface space means you don’t have to go in and out of the house to cook things, prep things, collect things – you won’t miss out ANY of the action.

Weber Barbecues have launched a new outdoor kitchen design and build service and it looks great!

2 The Fold Illawarra Drinks with a view steamers bar and grill wollongong


A simple way to soften an outdoor space is to add plants – think lovely, lush green plants in stylish pots of varying sizes dotted around the deck. A fab design tip is to cluster a few different sizes together, and we love the idea of filling pots with edible plants like herbs and fruit trees. Stylish AND useful!

3 The Fold Illawarra Drinks with a view Gerroa Boat Fishermans Club


Create a vibe with lighting. Festoon lights strung across the space is always super fun and summery. Battery operated LED lights that you can position in and behind big pot plants are fab for setting a mood, LED lights are becoming popular too. Don’t forget you’ll also need some good white light for areas like the barbecue and outdoor kitchen where some serious work will be happening [gotta make sure that meat is cooked juuuuust right!].

Oh, and don’t forget to create your perfect al fresco playlist and pump it through some outdoor speakers for max summer catch-up party vibes. Fun!!

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