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LIFE HACKS // 10 Must Have Tech Gadgets

Life can be a little hard sometimes. Okay, a LOT hard (yes, 2020 we’re looking at you!). So, if there’s a fab little tech gadget invented to lighten the load of life a tad, then we are in!

Here’s a list of some very cool and who’d have thunk it tech gadgets, because we are suckers for an awesome lifehack.


A handy solution for when your Cloud storage is full, or you aren’t too keen on paying monthly subscription fees to iCloud, Dropbox and other data storage options, InfinitKloud is a backup stick that stores pictures, videos and documents.

InfinitiKloud is a handy solution for backing up your hard drive - 10 must have tech gadgets


Anyone else’s kitchen bench a fire hazard of chargers and cables? This fab device neatens it all up. It can charge up to 6 phones, tablets and other electronic devices without creating a spiderweb of cables and naughty teenagers unplugging other family member’s devices to charge their phone which is now on 1%!

Tech gadgets - charging station



Over cooked or under cooked meat on the BBQ is a thing of the past with this BBQ Meat Fork Thermometer! You can pre-program the temp you want and it has a handy LED light for night time cooks!

BBQ and meat fork thermometer - 10 must have tech gadgets


Oooh we love this one! We’re always trying to stay hydrated in the office, so we love something pretty and shiny that lights up like a disco to remind us to drink more water, right? The Hidrate App connects to the HidrateSpark bottle via Bluetooth and displays your daily water intake so you can easily track it throughout the day. Our favourite colour is Berry!

A water bottle that lights up to remind you to rehydrate


Garmin released the Varia this year and totally worth the investment. A world first, it’s a cycling radar that warns cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind. A great way to help cyclists stay safe on our roads. Pop into The Fixed Wheel to grab one.

World first cycling radar - 10 must have tech gadgets

6 // eALARM+

A great little device to have close by for peace of mind. You can pop it in your handbag or clip it on yourself when you’re walking alone, or bushwalking or riding alone. If you’re a camper, you can also use it to set up a little tripwire configuration around your campsite! They also have an eALARM Jnr perfect for kids and teenagers.

Personal safety alarm


A sleek looking way to charge your phone and use it hands-free. Handy to Zoom on your iPhone perched neatly on a stand while you’re on a teleconference that requires you to be active on your other screens. Also good for Facetiming while you’re cooking or doing something that needs your hands!

iPhone stand that also charges - 10 must have tech gadgets

8 // FIXD

This is like having a mechanic in your pocket – sort of! It won’t fix anything for you, but it will tell you what’s going on with your car. It plugs easily into most cars and when connected with the FIXD app, can help you manage your vehicle’s maintenance, log the car’s history (handy for when you’re selling it on) and notifies you of any issues. Also good for young’uns buying their first car.

Manage your car maintenance and vehicle history with FIXD


Anyone else’ pants fall down when they pop their keys in their pocket? No? Just us?? The KEYSMART Pro is quite the handy gadget for those of us who tend to misplace our keys and have eleventy billion keys on the keyring. It’s compact and smart (oh, and it opens your beer – not even kidding!).

Super organised way to store and manage your keys - 10 must have tech gadgets

10 // DODOW

Fall asleep in 8 minutes! This is awesome for people who struggle to fall asleep (hello monkey mind and insomnia – nice to see you again, NOT!). Also good for regular travellers who have to deal with jetlag. How does it work? You synchronise your breathing with a bedside device, designed to slow the nervous system down and prepare your body for sleep. It lets out a soft glow without inhibiting the all-important melatonin production, and then switches itself off!

Fall asleep within 8 minutes

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