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10 Dance Classes For Beginners In The Illawarra

Where To Trip The Light Fantastic, Socialise + Improve Fitness With A Boogie

By Hannah Castelli

How much fun is dancing?

Seriously! Nothing beats that toe-tapping, booty wiggling feeling you get when the beat hits.

Sure, doing the sprinkler in your living room with a glass of red is a great way to get down but we challenge you to try something new.

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 dance classes we think you should check out right here in the Illawarra.

From boot-scooting line dancing to jiggly, wiggly belly-dancing, we have all tastes covered.

Don’t worry if you have two left feet or if the last time you actually danced was the old classic ‘heel and toe’ in high school, these are all beginner classes so you can feel comfortable and safe to get your groove on.

1 :: Dancespace 383

Love the fiery passion of the tango? Or the elegant sophistication of the fox trot? Maybe even the playful energy of the cha cha? Can you tell the film “Strictly Ballroom” is a repeat in our homes?… Guilty!

Dancespace 383 in Wollongong offers beginner ballroom and latin dance classes to help you build the skills and confidence to tear up the DF wherever you are. They run 4 week courses that give you the opportunity to level up as you grow in confidence. BYO partner is not essential so you can most definitely come in solo. A bonus opportunity to meet some new salsa companions as well.

2 :: Footloose Rockers

Let’s rock around the clock tonight! Well, at least rock around Albion Park Bowling and Illawarra Leagues club, because that’s where Footloose Rockers teach their beginners rock ‘n’ roll classes.

Principals Geoff and Sue Roth have been teaching dance for over 30 years and are keen to make sure their classes have a relaxed and friendly vibe! Check out their website for dates and times of the next round of lessons. You don’t need to book ahead, just show up 10 minutes early to sign up and partners aren’t necessary! Does anyone have a hoop skirt we can borrow?

2 The Fold Illawarra dance classes footloose rockers albion park bowling club wollongong leagues

3 :: Miss Zoe’s School of Dance

This school is by far one of THE MOST welcoming and low-pressure dance schools in the Illawarra for all ages. The emphasis is really all about having fun and moving your body. With studios in Kiama, Wollongong and Coledale classes are super easy to access.

They offer combo classes with different styles each week including ballet, jazz, hip/hop and contemporary. Perfect for those of us who want it all! They also have performance classes if you’re keen to learn a routine and are seeking the thrill of live performance, you daredevil you! Their timetable is chock-a-block so you should be able to find a slot that suits you and your toe-tapping feet.

3 The Fold Illawarra dance classes Miss Zoes school of dance kiama wollongong coledale

4 :: Street Beatz Hip Hop

Bounce, bop, pop and lock! Street Beatz Hip Hop in Wollongong is the Illawarra’s ONLY street dance studio AND they hold beginner adult dances classes, woo!

The studio is all about creating a space that gives you confidence to express yourself through moving and grooving but also allows you a chance to share your love of hip-hop with the studio’s community – if that doesn’t sound like a recipe for the best dance sesh of your life then what is? Check out their timetable for current class times and get ready to bust a move!

4 The Fold Illawarra dance classes Street Beatz Hip Hop wollongong

5 :: Illawarra Country Bootscooters

Let’s journey “where all the cowboy folk go to boot scootin’ boogieeee!”

Those of us who are ‘a little bit country’ [or a lot country] will be pleased to know that line dancing is still well and alive in the Illawarra. Line dancing is the perfect intro to dancing for newbies as the steps start off simple and are done in a line meaning no running around the dance floor tripping over your own feet…. hey it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened to us!

Illawarra Country Bootscooters hold classes for absolute beginners right up to advanced so you can feel confident whatever level your shoe scuffing skills are at. Yeehaw!

6 :: WEA Illawarra

WEA Illawarra has a treasure trove of courses for those wanting to learn both job and lifestyle skills and you’d be pleased as punch to know they even have dance courses too! With so much experience in the delivery of learning, you can trust that any dance class they offer is gonna be right on the money.

The type of dance they teach changes throughout the year, with courses like gentle dance and movement for those of us just looking to give our aching bones a stretch and Argentine tango for those looking to add a little bit of spice. Keep an eye on their site for upcoming courses and pick what you fancy!

6 The Fold Illawarra dance classes wea illawarra wollongong

7 :: Evolve Performance

Evolve Performance offers a couple of great dance classes for adults but one that really stands out is the ‘Bubs and I’ class. Designed for mums and carers of 1–2-year-olds it is an awesome opportunity for you and your little one to boogie down whilst building a connection.

It’s also a wonderful chance to meet other like-minded parents and carers and for bubs to make some little pals of their own. Evolve Performance is all about creating a positive environment and we are all about this idea!

7 The Fold Illawarra dance classes evolve performance fernhill

8 :: Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance

There’s just something so exciting about the shakin’ and the swirling of belly dancing. Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance was founded by principal Virginia Keft who LITERALLY has a PHD in the history of belly dance!

Not only do they offer beginners belly dance classes but also lessons in a type of dance called skirt fusion which is all about swishy skirts [sounds A.MAY.ZING!] and Arabic drumming if you want to try your hand at making the beats to go with the moves. You can even hire the teachers for things like hen’s parties and baby showers……. pretty sure that is one of the best ways we’ve ever heard of celebrating the arrival of a new bubba!

8 The Fold Illawarra dance classes cinnamon twist belly dance wollongong

9 :: The Studio

If you dream of becoming a ballerina but have never actually plié-ed in your life, you will be relieved to know that it’s never too late.

The Studio Kiama offers beginner level ballet classes to help you release your inner Swan Lake, in a judgement free, safe environment! They’re determined to help you build your basic form and skills and don’t expect you to show up with tutu and pointe shoes in tow.

Sweatpants are totally fine, phew! But hey, don’t throw your tutu away just yet, who knows when ballet chic might come into fashion…. Soon, hopefully. Some of us have tiara’s that we’re just itching to wear!

9 The Fold Illawarra dance classes the studio kiama

10 :: Thirroul Dance Academy

Tap-dancing is not just rocking it to Harry Styles next to the sink! [Sorry – dad joke *insert groan here*]. It’s also a fun way to get fit and to add some rhythm and pizazz into your life.

If you’ve ever stayed up late watching old films with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire then it probably means you’d love to have a go yourself and Thirroul Dance Academy would love you to as well. They hold weekly beginner classes that will get you stomping the floor in no time. Shuffle away guys!

10 The Fold Illawarra dance classes thirroul dance academy

Well, that’s enough to get you started and don’t forget to head to our directory for other movement and learning ideas! Once you’ve chosen which one to go to, remember to tag us @thefoldillawarra showing us how you cut a rug! *Jazz hands*

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