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Where To Get Your Eyebrows Done In The Illawarra

New brows calling!

Eyebrows – the only thing we can get into shape without exercising!

Like with all beauty and fashion trends, eyebrows have certainly differed over the decades. If you look back at a photo of yourself 10 years ago, we BET your eyebrows look different than they do now!

Whether you prefer them thick, a little thinner, dark, light, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of places that’ll help you achieve the eyebrows of your dreams!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our amazing beauticians and beauty salons in the Illawarra. Head here for even more awesome beauty locations around town.

1 :: Maha Lashes & Beauty 

This popular beauty salon in Woonona has a brows treatment menu longer than some of our local eateries. You can get them laminated, tinted, stained, waxed, with henna or a combination of many.

If you’re curious about what henna brow tinting is [we were], it’s a natural eyebrow tinting that has almost a tattoo effect on the skin. It can stay up to 6 weeks and contains no ammonia, lead or peroxide. Well there ya go!


2 :: The Salon Collab

If you’re looking to feel ultimate relaxation and tranquillity whilst getting those brows shaped then check out this salon in Coledale. The vibe of this whole place is calmness and simplicity and the beauticians are all passionate skin experts. We love the sound of a ‘Signature Brow’ session, where your treatment is customised to your face and you’re provided with maintenance, care and styling advice to keep those brows on point between sessions.


3 :: Her Studio 

If you’re looking for a brow glow-up then check out this studio in Thirroul. Annie who runs the biz is passionate about getting your brows Goldilocks. Whether you want them soft and full or clean and sharp, she’ll make sure they’re juuuuuust right!

4 :: Ellua Skin & Brows

All the goodies for your face and skin. At Ellua Skin & Brows in Shellharbour, you can get a range of brow treatments plus other exciting skin services like skin tightening, dermaplaning and LED light therapy. We wanna try ‘em all!


5 :: Anita’s House Of Beauty

We’re OBSESSED with every single treatment at Anita’s home salon in Port Kembla, including Anita herself! If you’ve got a big event coming up, book the incredible ‘Party Facial and Brow Duo package’ to have your skin glowing and your brows looking brilliant.


6 :: Soul Brow Studio

The folks at this Shellharbour studio are dedicated to perfecting your brows. Every treatment is tailored to you and your face and they cannot wait for you to be just as brow obsessed as they are. They also offer a ‘Men’s Brow’ package just for the fellas.

7 :: Doll Face Brow & Makeup Studio

We love the name of this studio in Wollongong Central, so cute! Plus, they’ve got a super fun promotion happening on their socials at the moment called ‘name and claim.’ If your name pops up, you score a FREE eyebrow thread that week. Fingers crossed the name ‘The Fold’ makes an appearance soon! LOL


8 :: Creative Brows & Lashes

If you have sparse or light eyebrows then check out Creative Brows & Lashes in Figtree. They offer microblading which is a safe and non-invasive procedure that involves implanting pigment into the epidermal layer of the skin, to achieve semi-permanent results. They also have other eyebrow services like eyebrow lightening and Henna brows.


9 :: Brow Co & Lash Bar

It’s all so pretty and pink in this Stockland Shellharbour location. Go all out with an ‘Ultimate Brow Ritual’ which includes a brow cleanse and exfoliation, a brow analysis, brow mapping, liquid dying, waxing and shaping, a nourishing brow treatment and a custom brow makeup application. Now this is what we call taking your eyebrows out for a good time!

10 :: Naveen Skin, Face & Body

Natural-looking or more dramatic, this salon in Albion Park is here for it. Get them tinted, get them dyed or even get them lightened. Stick around for an eyelash tint and lift whilst you’re there.


11 :: Tonic Facial Bar

Pop down to Gerringong for a day of total face relaxation. They offer brow waxes, shapes and tints as well as Henna using Browcode products. You can also score some hand pampering with a deluxe mani whilst you’re there.


12 :: Coco Cosmetic Tattoo

The founder of this studio in Fairy Meadow, Isabella, is an expert in cosmetic tattooing and specialises in ombre brows. Ombre brows are also known as powder brows and are semi-permanent to give you a soft and powdery look. If you want that perfectly pencilled brow both day and night then give this place a looksie.

13 :: The Brow Av.

Wax, tweeze, trim or tattoo, the team at this salon in Fairy Meadow are determined to get your brows into shape. If it’s your first time visiting, book in for their signature service to get you started. We’re also super curious about the ombre brow tattoo service in which they give you a custom-designed brow tattoo with pigment matching… cool!

14 :: Hair Art Studio & Beauty

Another lovely studio in Port Kembla. Friendly staff, top-notch brows and an excellent Wentworth St location. We’re sorted! Bookings can be made online or over the phone.

15 :: Kylie Louise Brow Design & Skin Care

If you’re in Helensburgh you probably already know about the fab Kylie Louise Brow Design & Skin Care and if you don’t, then you should! All the products used here are luxurious and care for your skin, animals and the environment. The popular Brow Henna treatments also come with an exfoliation, sculpting and nourishing oil, nice.

15 :: Brow Boudoir

All new clients to this lovely brow studio in Dapto go through an initial brow service to get their brows right up to scratch before ongoing treatment. We’re so impressed with the brow transformations they share on their socials and are totally rolling in brow-envy now.

16 :: The Brow Collective

Proud of their signature brow design and styling method, this is a popular salon in Kiama. Start with a colour adjustment, followed by a brow alignment and then a definition. The brow artists here will also give you step-by-step instructions on how to style your brows between sessions and recommendations on the best products to use.


17 :: RB Beauty Bar

Take your brow care to the next level with the ‘Deluxe Brow Treatment’ at this Wollongong beauty bar. The treatment includes a brow scrub, hydrating jelly mask and soothing scalp massage. Um, heaven!

Phew, if you didn’t have a brow technician before, well you certainly have no excuse now!

Armed with your new knowledge of all-things-brow, you can search for more info about any of the salons we listed as well as other awesome beauty salons in the Illawarra here.

And as the old saying goes… new brows, who dis?

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