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Where To Find Delicious Doughnuts In The Illawarra

We’ve Rounded Up A List Of Some Of Our Favourite Places To Head When We Get A Craving For Something Doughy, Fried and Glazed….Yum!

Doughnuts or donuts?

We don’t care as long as they are:

a. In our hands

b. In our mouths

c. In our belly

d. All of the above

Here’s some of our favourite places to get our doughy, fried, doughnut fix in the Illawarra.

Dashin Donuts, Shellharbour

A donut cake? Hip hip hooray indeed! 

Dashin Donuts Shellharbour


Alexander’s Bakery South Side, Wollongong

Technically, cronuts aren’t donuts, but they’re close enough in our book!

2 The FoAlexanders Bakery South Side


Crave the Graze, Wollongong

Super cute DIY doughnuts kits from these guys. 


Yachties Donut House, Wollongong

Cos old school cinnamon doughtnuts are always going to hit the spot!

Yachties Donut House Wollongong


OMG Decadent Donuts

They don’t look it but these doughnuts are gluten free, vegan, nut free, yeast free, dairy free, egg free, wheat free, sulphite free and no preservatives. They use 12 naturally flavoured sugars. How good is that? 

OMG Decadent Donuts


The Dessert Nest, Oak Flats

Well, this just looks like one box of happiness, right? 

The Dessert Nest Oak Flats


Fantasy Donuts, Dapto

These guys do shiny, glittery, colourful and fun in spades! 

Fantasy Donuts Dapto


Pasticceria Massimo Papa, Fairy Meadow

Whoever decided to stick some nutella into a doughnut should win a Nobel Peace Prize….

Massimo Papa Fairy Meadow


Ariels Northbeach

If one doughnut isn’t enough [it never is], you can always order a box full! 

Ariels Northbeach North Wollongong


Chimichangas Bulli

Ooooooh we are suckers for some churros. We’re like a seagull hoofin’ down a hot chip when we get our hands on these. 

Chimichangas Bulli


Millers Local Bakehouse, Wollongong

Glazed chocolate on doughnuts? Yes please! 

Millers Local Bakehouse


Gerringong Bakery

Injected with nutella or custard? Why choose? One of each, thanks. 

Gerringong Bakery


Berry Donut Van

It’s famous for a reason! And we love love love the doughnuts served with ice cream. Probz the only way to make a doughnut better…..add ice cream. 

The Berry Donut Van

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