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Where To Nibble On A Yummy Easter Treat Around The Illawarra

Hot cross buns and bunnies and eggs… oh my!

The Easter long weekend is the perfect opportunity to unwind, spend quality time with loved ones, and of course…. indulge in some delicious treats.

From hot cross buns for breakfast to chocolate bunnies and eggs for lunch, and cookies for dinner, we’ve got you covered on all fronts!

If you’re eager to sink your teeth into some delightful Easter treats or searching for seasonal goodies to bring to any celebrations you’ve been invited to [and potentially win guest of the year in the process], then look no further! Check out our list of delectable bites below…

So, hop to it, Illawarra, and let the Easter feasting begin!

1 :: Hot Cross Buns From Slowdough

Open in Kiama every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can grab some pretty tasty t-topped beauties here. Made with soaked sultanas, a touch of citrus peel and a little bit of spice, doesn’t that just scream Easter to you? And whilst you’re in the store picking them up, why not grab an extra one to eat right away with butter and a coffee on the veranda out the front?

2 :: Pastry Pre Orders From Millers Local Bakehouse

Millers Local Bakehouse has gained cult status with Illawarra locals so you bet we’ll be pre-ordering some goodies from their Easter menu to chomp down on over the long weekend. From hot cross buns to carrot cake, sourdough, double choc croissants and their gorgeous lemon layer cake plus more, it’s gonna be almost impossible to choose. Heads up pre-orders are available to pick up on Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th March only between 9:30am – 1pm.

3 :: 1kg Chocolate Bunny From Kiama Sweet Company

Nobody’s gonna complain about not getting enough chocolate this Easter if they score one of these massive and mouth-watering bunnies. 1 whole kilo of pure chocolate heaven for 35 smackeroos, oh yeah! You can get it in milk chocolate, white chocolate and marbled and they’ve also got a range of smaller but still delicious Easter bunnies in store for the more portion controlled among us.

4 :: Lost In The Woods Cake From Cow And The Moon

If you love Black Forest Cake [we sure do], then you’re going to love this Easter release at Cow & The Moon in Wollongong. Layers of white chocolate gelato and cherrymainia gelato, a chocolate crumble and sour cherry ripple on a choccy sponge base. O.M.GEEEE! You can preorder the cake online or pop in store and grab a scoop or two of their heavenly gelatos whilst you’re at it.

5 :: Hot Cross Buns From Parfait Patisserie

Handmade with love and deliciousness, we absolutely adore the hot cross buns, and basically every other sweet treat we can get our mitts on from Parfait Patisserie. And if you follow Parfait Patisserie’s socials [if you don’t already you totally should] then you would know they release incredible weekend specials alllll the time. We’re not sure what to expect from them over the Easter long weekend but we’re most definitely eager to find out.

6 :: Half Filled Eggs From The Treat Factory & The Dairy Bar

These look and sound amazing! But which one shall we choose? Hazelnut and Turkish delight, caramel or honeycomb…. oh it’s a toughie. Guess we’re just going to have to get one of each! And maybe some of the other goodies on offer like speckled bunnies, boozy Easter eggs and some Easter hunt choccies whilst we’re at it.

7 :: Easter Themed Carrot Cake From Zweefers

Talk about a cutie-patootie! This adorable cake comes in mini, medium and large sizes and is all the things we love about a classic carrot cake, with an extra layer of cream cheese frosting and the cutest little bunny decorations. Zweefers Easter 2024 collection will also be selling hot cross buns, choccy Easter cakes and even cutesy Easter-themed cupcakes, plus more! Order online, over the phone or in-store.

8:: Easter Cupcakes From Berkeley Cakes and Pies

Another adorable cake option, we love the pastel colours and sweet decorations on these cupcakes. If you’re looking for something a little larger, they also have an Easter chocolate mud cake and of course the hot cross buns for snacking all weekend long.

9:: Easter Cookies From Gwynneville Bakery

We love these as an option for those who can’t eat or don’t like chocolate. They also make a perfect Easter basket filler… and tummy filler too! Gwynneville Bakery often sell some lovely Greek Easter options as well like Tsoureki and Koulourakia as well as their well-loved Hot Cross Buns.

10:: Every Bunny Donut Box From Dashin Donuts

A perfect sharing dessert for a long lunch, or a perfect late-night snack after a few Easter cocktails too! The box includes 20 doughnuts with various flavours and toppings and some mini eggs dotted in for an extra choccy hit. Now, if we’re doing the maths, this should technically feed up to 20 guests… or around three to four of The Fold’s team members. What can we say? We’re absolute doughnut fanatics!

We’re eagerly counting down the sleeps until the Easter bunny visits us!

For more tasty treats from the wonderful bakeries, cake shops, and confectionery stores around the Illawarra, check out our directory here.

Wishing all of the Illawarra a happy and delicious Easter!

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