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Get Your Sweet Tooth Fix In Lockdown With These Take Away Desserts

We’re a little partial to something sweet every now and then [okay, maybe allllll the time] so have been getting our sweet tooth sorted thanks to these businesses across the Illawarra serving up the dessert goods – take away style.



Splendid Graze

What’s better than a little bit of deliciousness? A LOT of it all in a box – no sharing!

EG Splendid Graze


Jabelles Cakes

Dessert boxes filled to the brim with choux buns, snickers vanilla slice [mic drop!] and more. These guys do some amazing bespoke cookies and cakes as well as their dessert boxes.

EG Jabelles Cakes


It’s Home Baked

A side hustle for this talented baker, you can order a box of cupcake delicious on a Monday and pick it up on a Saturday – sorted! No deliveries or bespoke order but why would you need to when this is what you get? Follow their socials for weekly updates on what’s in the box!

EG It’s Home Baked


Oh Dang! Espresso, Windang

Inside this take on the classic wagon wheel, you’ll find oozy marshmallow and strawberry jam sandwiched between biscuits and dipped in choccie……you had us at oozy.

EG Oh Dang! Espresso, Windang


Smash Cakes Shellharbour

Smash these cakes to reveal a whole lotta lollies and choccies. Genius level – Off. The. Charts.

EG Smash Cakes Shellharbour


Ariels North Beach

We can’t say no to cannoli, that’s a given. But when you chuck a few Ferrero Rocher’s in, you’re really sealing the deal, right?

EG Ariels North Beach


Chimichangas Bulli

A churros ice-cream sandwich – if that’s not a fiesta in your mouth, we don’t know what is!

EG Chimichangas Bulli


Mini Me Sweets & Gifts

We spy fruit! That means this is pretty much a fruit salad, so it’s totally healthy and good for us, right? Right. Hand it over.

EG Mini Me Sweets & Gifts


Far Meadow Table

Oh haiii doughnuts, welcome to my spare tyre! They also do sourdough, cakes, cookies and more of the good stuff.

EG Far Meadow Table


Delish by Tori Brooke

These guys make allergen friendly, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low carb and refined sugar free treats. And how good do they look?? Too good to eat…..never! Get in ma belly.

EG Delish by Tori Brooke


Lura Sweets

How’s the colour palette of this gorgeous treat box? The irony of it also being perfect for another sort of palate – the one in our mouths! These guys book out quickly, so you’ll need to get organised to get a taste of this.

EG Lura Sweets


Coal Coast Baking

Look at these delicate and delicious Victorian Sponge cupcakes! You can order cupcake and brookwich boxes from these guys. Oh, and what’s a brookwich? It’s like a brownie and a sandwich had a love child.

EG Coal Coast Baking


Brown Sugar Espresso. Mangerton

Once upon a time Butter Bing cookies were invented. And everything in the world was okay again. The end.

EG Brown Sugar Espresso. Mangerton

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