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The Fold’s Festive Cocktails For The Silly Season

Chrissy Cocktails Created With Illawarra ingredients – Cheers!!

Christmas will be here faster than you can say “I love mince pies!”.

And we all know the silly season is packed with parties, get-togethers, gatherings, lunches, dinners and everything in between.

So if you’re hosting a knees-up this year [or even if you are not!], we’ve got three fabulous festive cocktail recipes that your guests will love.

The best bit?

They include some delish local tipples from local distillers and wineries – South Coast Distillery, Headlands Distilling Co, Wolf & Woman Distillery, Two Figs Winery and Smith St Distillery.

Bottoms up!

Five Island Iced Tea


– Ice

– 15mL gin (we used South Coast Distillery’s Five Islands Oolong Old Tom Gin)

– 15mL vodka (we used Headlands Distilling Co’s Seacliff Vodka)

– 15mL white rum

– 15mL white tequila (for an extra tropical kick, use a coconut tequila!)

– 15mL triple sec

– 30-60mL cola, depending on the size of your glass

– Lemon slices to garnish

– Optional: you can add lemon juice & sugar syrup if you want extra flavours



– Fill a tall glass with ice and add some lemon slices

– Add the gin, vodka, rum, tequila and triple sec

– Top with the cola and stir

– Taste, and add lemon juice and/or sugar syrup if desired

– Garnish with another slice of fresh lemon, and enjoy!


Best served at your NYE party!

It’s a fabulous arrival drink for all your guests and will definitely set the mood for the rest of the night.

Party playlist? Tick. Sparkly outfit? Tick. Delicious cocktails? Tick!

Limoncello Spritz


– Ice

– 60mL limoncello (we used Wolf & Woman Distillery’s Limoncello)

– 100mL sparkling wine or prosecco (we used local Two Figs Winery’s NV Brut Cuvee)

– 60mL soda water

– Lemon slices to garnish



– Fill a big cocktail or wine glass with ice

– Add the limoncello, prosecco and bubbly

– Stir, taste and add more soda if desired

– Garnish with another slice of fresh or dried lemon, and enjoy!

Best enjoyed on a warm summer’s day at a Chrissy catch up with the girls.

It’s light, fun, fresh, juicy and sassy – just like your favourite people.

This drink is basically summer in a glass, and we challenge you not to get hooked!

Gin-spresso Martini

– 50ml gin (we used Smith St Distillery’s Rose Gin)

– 25ml espresso

– 25ml simple syrup

– coffee beans to garnish



– Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake HARD, keeping an eye out for that perfect ‘crema’ – [the name baristas give the foam on top a fine espresso], you get this by giving that shaker a super duper shake.

– Strain into a nice cold cocktail glass and garnish with a few coffee beans.


Best enjoyed on Christmas Eve to keep you awake until Santa arrives.

It’s everything we lurve about espresso martinis but with a gin twist.

We reckon these will also be a great pick me up for when that post-chrissy dinner food coma sets in.

Don’t they look great?? They taste great too!

Hey, if you’re less of a mixologist and more of a taste-ologist and like people making cocktails for you, check out our guide to where to get a crackin’ cocktail locally.


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