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BEHIND THE BAR // Thomas From The Fitz Cafe & Bar In Bulli

Meet Thomas + Give The Delicious Native Mac Cocktail Recipe A Try

For a little slice of Melbourne in the heart of Bulli, don’t walk past The Fitz Cafe & Bar. With its rooftop bar, funky vibe and the food [breakfast donut soaked in spiced rum, anyone?]
, this is true café inspo from south of the border.


Whether it’s for breakfast, boozy long lunches, a catch-up with friends or an intimate evening dining experience in front of the fireplace, The Fitz combines modern design and early 20th century heritage architecture.


But while the locals come for the style, they stay for the cocktails! Now, you guys know we are alllll about the cocktails so we sat down with The Fitz’s owner and principal mixologist, Thomas for a quick chat about The Fitz…and he’s shared his favourite cocktail recipe with us so you can try it at home! 


1 :: We love the vibe of The Fitz – it’s like nothing else in Bulli, and we are lovin’ the rooftop bar. 


The rooftop is definitely one of the main draw cards here. A lot of people like that wacky outdoor area seating. But I guess it’s been hard this past summer with all the rain, so we haven’t really used the space to its full potential yet. On the days that it is nice, people love to get up there and they seem to love it.


And of course, we’ve got the heaters and blankets for the cooler months. But if you’re drinking you keep warm and everyone seems to manage just fine!


2 :: Ah, the old grog blanket strategy! So, what was behind the design inspo and set up of The Fitz when you opened it up? 


We were really influenced by the cafe and bar scenes in Fitzroy, Melbourne, which of course we’re named after. We wanted to reflect the modern take on restaurant and café dining. We really wanted to do something special which drew inspiration out of Melbourne.


3 :: And you’re going to share a recipe for one of your cocktails.


Sure am. I’ve got the Native Mac cocktail today, which is one of my favourites. This is one I came up with myself after drinking something similar when I was at a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast.


The first time I tried to recreate it, it didn’t really work out. But practice makes perfect as they say! And after a few attempts I came up with something that I’m really happy with. I reckon it’s better than the original, just quietly. 


It’s very tropical, with mango and coconut flavours that I associate with being on holidays and it’s just really cool and delicious. It’s got a bit of a modern twist on how we make it, which I suppose is like our vibe here at the Fitz.

4 :: Can we make it at home?


Sure, you can simplify it a bit. For instance, at the Fitz we use a whipped cream canister to make coconut foam out of, but you don’t have to do that. You could just put a layer of coconut cream on top.


5 :: What’s your favourite bevvie to sip when you’re not working?


Definitely the serpent’s kiss watermelon Pilsner, which was stocked at the Fitz. It’s from Grifter brewery at Marrickville in Sydney. They supply all of our beers and it’s a great little local brewery which is getting a lot of success which is good to see. They make delicious beers.

Alright…..Let’s go make the cocktail!



How To Make A Native Mac Cocktail At Home




45ml Smirnoff vodka 

15ml Brookies Mac – macadamia and wattleseed liqueur 

50ml mango syrup 

20ml lemon juice 




There’s three pieces to the cocktail puzzle…


1 :: Start with making the mango syrup. 

Blitz 300g of ripe frozen mango with 1/4 cup Monin macadamia syrup [or homemade], 1 cup water + 1 vanilla bean pod [or extract paste] in blender.


 2 :: Then pop all the ingredients together

Add all ingredients into Boston shaker and shake with ice.

Double strain into chilled coupe glass.



3 :: Make the coconut cream 

Whisk 2 cans [800ml] coconut cream with 120g agave, 12gm vanilla paste, 0.5 tsp xantham gum until well combined. 

Pour into whipped cream canister and charge with 2 cream bulbs.  

Alternatively if you do not have a whipped cream canister, leave 2 cans coconut cream in fridge overnight to set [do not tip or shake cans beforehand]. The next day,  open cans and spoon off the coconut cream, discarding the coconut water that has settled to the bottom. 

Using electric mixer beat with 12gm vanilla paste and 120g agave until thick, leave to set in fridge 


4 :: Make it all pretty! 

Gently float coconut cream on top. 

Garnish with a line of allspice.  


Voila! Cheers…


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