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11 Showstopper Cocktails In The Illawarra To Sip On This Friday

Try one of these local tipples for your next Friday cocktail sesh.

We’re pretty spoiled for spots in the Illawarra to get our lips around a fun, zesty or fruity cocktail [or three].

And today we’re paying homage to some of the ones that have caught our eye, or better yet taste buds, around town recently.

From fresh and zingy to creamy and INDULGENT, we’ve been having a great time taste testing these beauties… all in the name of research of course… hiccup!

Why not have a go at sampling some of these Illawarra icons [or soon to be icons] yourself… think of it like an ultimate must- drink list.


We already know the beer here slays but did you know they have a fab range of cocktails too?

It was pretty hard for us to choose just one, with so many exciting flavours to try [special mention to the Resin Colada]. But in the end, it was the name “The Floor is Guava ” alongside the rumour that it’s already become a fave with the locals means we couldn’t resist. Go on and have a try yourself this coming Friday and let us know what you think.

Known for a good drinks special and promotion [we’re a sucker for their 2 for $25 cocktail specials on Friday nights] we tout this as a place to be for end of week drinkies.

And if you’re looking to try something new, have a sip of their TBH Tango, which is vodka, Malibu, mango liqueur, apple and mango jelly. Doesn’t that just scream summer in the Illawarra? Ohh and if you’re feeling up for another one, check out their TBH Margi of the month, which changes as the months do, meaning there’s always something new to try.

The cocktail menu here is a dream with sooooo many tasty options, it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just one. But if we had to choose, we’re gonna recommend the Spiked Mango Lassi from their signature cocktails menu.

Think white rum, alphonso mango pulp and yogurt. If you’re a sucker for this creamy Indian drink already [which we are] then you’re gonna love it. And if you’re going another round then we also recommend the Dirty Chai Martini because chai and coffee in a martini… nuff said.

Time to spice things up with this one. Tequila, Aperol, pink grapefruit and chilli syrup, ay caramba!

Considering Pepe’s has some of the hottest views for a bar in the Illawarra it only makes sense that we’d choose a cocktail here to match the hotness level. Orrr if you’re feeling extra thirsty, it is Friday after all, then why not grab the gang and go all out with a cocktail fish bowl, woah!

This friendly neighbourhood bar and eatery is all about celebrating our wonderful Port Kembla and we’re here for it. Including this delish gin, elderflower, cucumber, mint and lime beauty.

Stick around for a bite to eat after your drink because we can vouch for the food as well…. And maybe another round of drinks for good measure.

 Another gin-based cocktail? We couldn’t resist.

We love the combo of Brookies “slow” gin, Pavan, rose syrup, lemon, cranberry and aquafaba. It’s like sipping a bit of Byron right here in the Illawarra. We also love perching [hehe get it] ourselves out on the balcony here with one of these in hand, watching Shellharbour life go by.

If you’re a fan of the theatrical then this is the one for you! Patron Reposado, dark agave nectar, pressed lime juice, blood orange drops & cane syrup with a Georgia Rose smoke bubble.

Gives a whole new meaning to the words “smoke bomb”, doesn’t it?

Grab three of your best cocktail-loving pals and get yourselves to Kiama for this super fun punch bowl of flavour. This wonderful concoction is a mix of mezcal, spiced rum, kina, orange, pineapple and some prosecco thrown in for good measure.

What a super fun way to get the weekend started with friends.

If you’ve never had this risqué named beverage before then we recommend you have your first sip at Penny Whistlers Cafe. That’s because they’re delicious AND on Fridays during happy hour they’re only $10 [yep that’s right, $10].

With those prices we feel like we could party like it’s 2010! Oh, and the gorge views over Kiama harbour from the front of the cafe are pretty cheer-worthy as well.

We’re partial to a good Margi and the ones at The Hill Bar & Kitchen sure do fit the bill. And if you’re keen to add a little kick to your next margarita then you totally can here at no extra cost.

They’ve also got a crackin’ spritz menu with four different types of bubbly goodness to choose from.

Finishing off the list just like we finish off a meal… with dessert of course! Vodka, passionfruit and white choc, oh yeah. We’ll have 10 please!

Or if you’re not a huge fan of dessert cocktails then go for the Lulu’s Negroni for that Italian summer vibe. Either way you’ll love chilling out in this luxe bar and restaurant in Jamberoo, especially if the outdoor fire is doing its thang. La Bella Vita friends.

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