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We speak to owner, Margherita Colley about the growth of this fantastic local recruitment agency.

We know how lucky we are in this part of the world – the beaches, the bush walks, the funky cafes and bars, the outdoor lifestyle, the fab shops – we could go on and on.

But when you get to combine living AND working in the Illawarra in a career you’re passionate about, that’s livin’ the dream, right?

“A switched-on and connected recruitment agency is a great avenue to help locals create a life that’s more appealing,” says owner of Illawarra Recruitment, Margherita Colley. 

“When work is close to home and you’re in a career that is inspiring and exciting, that impacts the rest of your life positively.”

Illawarra Recruitment wants to be a part of making locals lives better.”

Sounds good to us!

Let’s chat more with Margherita about the growth of Illawarra Recruitment and how the team can help businesses, entrepreneurs and local jobseekers.


1 :: What were the reasons for opening Illawarra Recruitment? 

The business landscape in the Illawarra has evolved over the years and the region is the perfect incubator for entrepreneurs and start-ups to thrive alongside established businesses.

Local councils and business associations are very focused on developing the Illawarra region, and while Covid had a huge impact and the economy is a bit bumpy at the moment, it’s still an exciting time to be part of the Illawarra business scene.

We want to help the region’s corporate sector, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and established organisations succeed by having the right people in the right job at the right time.


2 :: What makes Illawarra Recruitment different?

There is a boutique nature to the way we do things. We don’t just tick boxes, send people for interviews, fill positions then move on. Establishing relationships with our clients is very important.

We spend a lot of time getting to know their business so when we are putting potential employees forward, we know that person will not just have the skills and experience required but will also be aligned with the core values of the business.


3 :: What can a jobseeker expect when they connect with Illawarra Recruitment?

A good recruitment company provides the link between local business and local talent.

We understand our candidates really well – once again, it’s not just about ticking boxes. We get to know what their life is like, what they’re truly passionate about, the type of people they enjoy working with and more. All that information helps us find positions for candidates where we know they will truly thrive.

And that’s a win win for everyone – the candidate and their family, the employer and their team, their customers and clients, and us!

If everyone’s happy, we’re happy.


4 :: Tell us a bit more about the experience and specialty areas of the Illawarra Recruitment team.

I’m the Principal of both Highland Recruitment and Illawarra Recruitment with over thirty years of experience in the industry and established connections in both regions.

Alison Edmonds is also on our team. She has a business degree majoring in human resources and has joined us in the role of Recruitment Consultant.

Rebecca Irvine is our Administration whiz and has been with us for over ten years. 


5 :: What do you love about running a business in the Illawarra?

It’s so vibrant and connected here. All the networking and business events I’ve attended have such a great energy. 

People in the Illawarra are very passionate about what they do and the businesses they run. 


6 :: So, what’s next for Illawarra Recruitment?

This area has so much potential and the growth here is exciting. We want to be part of that, and also help locals live their best life by helping them thrive in their career right here in the Illawarra.

It’s an exciting time for the Illawarra and for us.

Illawarra Recruitment understand the specific needs of the region and can find you authentic candidates that will fit your team AND help your organisation positively evolve in a fast-growing and exciting location. When work feels good, life feels good! Get in touch with Margherita and the Illawarra Recruitment team here.

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